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Bridge to Wellness is about St. Lawrence County residents working together to improve the health and well-being of our friends, neighbors, and relatives, as well as ourselves!  The project focuses on the positive steps we can all take to make this happen and celebrates our successes. 

Community Campaigns are a way for local groups that have a great idea for a wellness-related project to get the community support needed to make it happen.  Our Community Campaign project is modelled after successful "crowd-funding" sites like Kickstarter, but is localized to St. Lawrence County so all funds raised stay here.

So how do Community Campaigns work? 

Easy!  Groups with a well-thought out idea for a project that addresses our main goal of improving wellness in St. Lawrence County can complete a new campaign request by clicking "Create a New Campaign" in the Community Campaign menu.  Your request will be sent to the Bridge to Wellness Committee for review and approval.  Once approval is received, your campaign will be posted on this website and the community can learn about and donate to it.  At the conclusion of the campaign, the committee will make all funds raised avaiable to implement the project.  Interested groups can contact the Health Initiative for assistance in developing a project. 

Some examples of projects that would be ideal for a Community Campaign:

  • A group wants to start a community garden and needs start up funds to create raised beds, buy tools or install irrigation.
  • A school wants to make physical activity equipment available to the community and needs funds to create secure, accessible storage for the equipment.
  • An organization wants to raise matching funds to qualify for a grant from a foundation for a community project.

Bridge to Wellness Partners

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